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The Flip of a Coin

114 Years in Alaska

ISBN: 978-0-9830764-7-6
Library of Congress Control Number 2012944916
Copyright 2012, Doris Tobin Bordine
238 pages, perfect bound, b/w photos, 6" x 9"


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Who is this man writing from seventy-five miles north of the Alaska Arctic Circle to his family in Boston, Massachusetts? He flipped a coin with his brother-in-law to see who would go to the Alaska gold fields to strike it rich for the family.

His story begins in Sweden.

“In 1865 the last of September was the first of August,” August used to joke when asked when he was born. His jovial nature was possibly a way he had of coping with the severe atmosphere he grew up in. August was born on the southwestern Swedish island of Käringön, Sweden . . .

August Tobin retired in Ketchikan
20 years after gold prospecting above the Arctic Circle

Grandpa August Tobin was physically present in the first eight years of my life, but he has always been a giant personality to me my whole life. His children, my dad Emery and my aunt Florence, always spoke of him as a hero who endured severe hardships with unwavering stamina as one of the "stampeders" in the northern gold fields. His wife, Emma, my grandmother, also portrayed him as a hard-working, loving husband and grandpa any child would love.

Since our family was in the magazine publishing business, one would think that many of Grandpa's stories would have been printed in The Alaska Sportsmanbut, evidently, it was a situation like the proverbial shoemaker's children without shoes, and Dad put off writing the stories, thinking he'd do it after retirement.

It was Aunt Florence who managed to write down the stories as Grandpa told them in the 1930s. I tried for many years to find a writer who would take Aunt Florence's writings and put them in book form. Finally, I accepted the fact that I wouldn't find anyone, and it must be up to me to do the job.

Helping publish Doris Tobin Bordine
The Alaska Sportsman 82 years young
at Age 6 in 2012


Part One
Living in Sweden and America
'98 Gold Rush Changes Everything
August's Life Above the Arctic Circle

Part Two
After Twenty Years, Son Meets August in Ketchikan
Roots Are Planted in Ketchikan
WWII Upsets It All

Part Three
Third Generaton Makes Alaska Home
Midwest Parish Life
Back to Alaska
Return to First Love: Printing
Shishmaref Calling
Change in Travel Plans




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